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ClassOne Announces Advanced Process and Applications Support for EVG Systems

Advanced EVG Process Support from ClassOne Equipment

Refurbished semiconductor equipment supplier ClassOne Equipment has bolstered its staff and added advanced process and applications support of EVG systems, including wafer bonders and mask aligners, to answer a growing demand from its customer base.  ClassOne Equipment now offers an array of advanced service support and training options.  Outlined below are the EVG platforms supported:  

EVG Systems Supported:
EVG 100 series Resist processing systems (EVG101, EVG120, EVG150)
EVG 300 series cleaning systems (EVG301)
EVG 400 series mask aligners (Legacy EV420)
EVG 500 series bonders (EV500, EVG501, EVG520, EVG520IS, EVG540, EVG560)
EVG 600 series aligners (EVG620, EVG640)
EVG 800 series (EV801, EVG805DB, EVG810, EVG850SOI, EVG850TB/DB)
EVG Metrology Systems (TBM-8, EVG40)
EVG Smartview
EVG IQ Aligner
EVG Gemini
EVG Hercules
Advanced Processes Support offered on the following:
Resist processing: 
     - Positive/negative tone resists, BCB, SU-8, polyimide, PBO, epoxies...
     - Primary process development engineer for EVG spray coating efforts:
         +Conformal Spray Coating
         +Planarized spray coating
         +wafer scale or panels
     - Spin Coating
Alignment/exposure processes:
     - Top Side and Bottom Side Mask Alignment (fully automated and manual)
     - IR alignment
     - Large-Gap alignment (Top Side)
     - Compound Semiconductor Alignment (Backside)
     - SmartView Alignment (on SmartView aligner or Gemini)
Wafer Bonding:
     - Thermocompression Bonding:
         +Diffusion Bonding (Au-Au, Al-Al, etc.)
         +Glass Frit Bonding
         +Polymer Bonding (patterned or unpatterned BCB or SU-8, polyimide, etc.)
     - Direct Bonding (silicon, glass, exotics)
     - Anodic Bonding (silicon/glass, GaAs/glass)
Thin Wafer Processing:
     - Temporary bond using thermal release tapes, spin-on adhesives
     - Debonding via multiple methods:
         +"wedge-off" for thermal release tapes, decomposing adhesives, and low-surface-tack adhesives
         +Slide-off  for thermoplastic adhesives
         +ZoneBond processes
Integrated process utilizing two (or more) of the processes above
Services Available:
     - Process Training
     - Process Development
     - Process Optimization
     - Troubleshooting
Service Levels:
     - Telephone/email support (remote support)
     - On Site Support
To inquire about ClassOne Equipment’s service offerings for EVG equipment, contact ClassOne at +1-770-808-8708 or email sales[at]classoneequipment[dot]com.