EVG 501 Wafer Bonder

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EVG 501 Wafer Bonder for sale
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6" Heaters, Standard bond chamber with top and bottom side heaters, Up to 450°C and 7 kN force
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EVG 501 BONDER consisting of:

Model: EV 501

Universal bond chamber control unit

Manual load and unload of bond chucks and wafers
Ergonomically accessible chamber design with top loading
Full process and recipe compatibility to EVG production bonding systems
Handling tool for unloading of hot bond tools
EC Declaration of conformity (Certification done by EVG)
PC Controlled operating environment
Solid state drive and hard drive
Graphical user interface for manual and fully automated bond processing
DVD Backup system: System software and backup tool integrated

MS-Windows based software
Automated recording of process parameters
Storage of files and presets on hard disk or network
Password protected access levels for operator, engineer, and maintenance

Bond module:
6" Heaters
Standard bond chamber with top and bottom side heaters
Up to 450°C and 3.5 kN (790 lbf)

Atmospheric capabilities:
Down to 2 mbar abs. pressure
3 Bar abs. pressure

Separate connections for evacuation and vent
Independent temperature controllers for top and bottom side
Electronic pressure regulator for controlled contact force

Increased piston force up to 7kN (1560 lbf)
Resolution: 7N Steps

Pressure disk for 4" wafer:
Material to be defined on order
Compliant layer set

Bond chuck 4" universal:
For mechanically aligned wafer bonding
Allows wafer contact in vacuum
Tool insert
Separation flags

Vacuum equipment with roughing pump:
Evacuation over roughing pump incl connectors and valves for chamber
Gas back fill time < 45 Sec from vacuum to 1 bar absolute pressure
Measurement equipment include vacuum gauge for equipment base pressure to display the chamber vacuum on the PC
Wait command for pressure level
Oil-free roughing pump with a pumping capacity of 3m/h ultimate chamber vacuum 2 mbar abs
Pump down time from ambient to 5 mbar abs. pressure <90s

Earthquake protection device for manual system
Safety precautions to avoid machine sliding due to heavy shock vibrations
Optimized for system weight / size and regional earth risk


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      ID#:  4254