Karl Suss MA150cc Mask Aligner

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Karl Suss MA150cc Mask Aligner for sale
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Automatic Topside & Backside Alignment, 6"/150mm Wafers, Cassette to Cassette, 1000W Lamphouse, UV400 Optics
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SUSS MA150CC BSA MASK ALIGNER consisting of:

- Model: MA150cc
- Topside & Backside Alignment
- Cassette to cassette operation
- Can be used in either Automatic or Manual Mode
- Automatic Alignment
- Optical Prealigner
- Max wafer size: 6"/150mm wafers capable
- 1000 Watt Lamphouse
- UV400 Optics (for 365nm and 405nm exposure)
- UV400 Front Lens
- Suss CIC1000 Lamp Power Supply
- Suss DVM6 Microscope
- Olympus 20x objectives (qty 2)
- CCD Camera Right and Left
- Capable of Hard, Soft, and Vacuum Contact Exposure Modes
- Flat Panel Touchscreen
- Hitachi System Monitor
- Karl Suss Light Box
- System Computer
- Serial Number: 441
- Year of Manufacture: 1999
- Operations Manual for Suss MA150
- Refurbished to meet original Suss MA150 Mask Aligner
- YouTube Video of previous used Suss MA150 refurbished by ClassOne: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5t7YMwpOim4.


Excellent Condition Guaranteed.
Fully Refurbished to Factory Specifications by ClassOne.
3 Month Warranty and Full Specification Guarantee.
30 Day Right of Return.


8 weeks

      ID#:  3303