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Suss MA6/BA6 Mask Aligner for sale
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Topside & Backside Alignment, 1000W Lamphouse, UV400 Optics
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SUSS MA6/BA6 MASK ALIGNER consisting of:

- Model: MA6/BA6 BSA Gen2
- Manufacturer: Suss MicroTec / Karl Suss
- Configured for Top and Backside Alignment (BSA)
- Bond Align (BA6) option installed (additional tooling req''d to align wafers)
- Wafer Size: Small Pieces up to 6"/150mm Diameter Wafers
- Exposure Modes: Capable of Hard, Soft, Vacuum, and Proximity Contact
- Lamphouse: 1000W
- Microscope: Suss M334 Microscope
- CCD Camera
- Objectives: 5x & 10x, (2 sets)
- UV400 Optics (for 365nm and 405nm exposure)
- Suss CIC 1200 Power Supply
- Vibration Isolation Table (for Suss MA6)
- 1 Vacuum Chuck included (select from available sizes)
- 1 Maskholder included (select from available sizes)
- System Power: 230V, 50/60 Hz
- Operations Manual for Suss MA6 Mask Aligner
- Refurbished to Meet Original Suss MA6 Specifications

More Information about Suss MA6 Mask Aligners:

- The MA6 is designed for all standard lithography applications.
- For thick resist MEMS applications the MA6 offers high quality exposure optics for high resolution and optimum edge quality.
- The Bottom Side Alignment (BSA) option allows for pattern printing on both sides of the substrate.
- The MA6 offers tailored features for fragile III-V compounds, thinned or warped wafers.
- The MA6/BA6 Mask Aligner offers special techniques for bond alignment, Imprinting, and Near Field Holography (additional tooling required).

Mask Aligner Refurbishment Process consisting of:

- All subassemblies are completely disassembled, cleaned, lubricated, reassembled and adjusted, and tested to verify operation to original specifications.
- Wafer alignment stage rebuilt.
- WEC head rebuilt.
- Transport slide rebuilt.
- Pre-aligner assembly (if applicable).
- Microscope assembly rebuilt.
- Exposure optics cleaned, tested and adjusted.
- Lamp power supply tested.
- System wiring checked, tested, replaced as required.
- Pneumatic hoses tested and replaced as needed.
- Relays checked, tested, replaced as required.
- Pneumatic regulators checked, tested, replaced as required.
- Any worn or damaged parts are repaired or replaced.
- Full optical alignment of microscope performed.
- Machine covers are repainted or replaced as needed.
- Machine is fully re-assembled.
- Machine is fully tested to verify compliance to original specification.

Review our Suss MA6 Refurbishment Process:

YouTube Video of ClassOne Refurbished Suss MA6:


Excellent Condition Guaranteed.
Fully Refurbished to Factory Specifications by ClassOne.
6 Month Warranty and Full Specifications Guarantee.
30 Day Right of Return.


6-8 weeks

      ID#:  3590