Suss M6000L Lift Off System

Semitool Wet Process
Suss M6000L Lift Off System for sale
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 4" Wafers, Fully Automated, Single Wafer System, for metal Lift-Off process, Chemical Delivery Unit
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SUSS M6000L LIFT OFF SYSTEM consisting of:

- Manufacturer: Suss MicroTec
- Model: M6000L
- Process: Lift-Off (resist and metal)
- Currently set for 4" Wafers
- Wafer Size capable: 3" up to 6" diameter
- Cassette to Cassette handling
- Lift-Off Process Chamber (Module)
- High Pressure dispense arm for dispensing recirculated NMP
- Fan jet nozzle for dispensing fresh NMP
- N2 backside rinse
- Stainless Steel filters
- Pneumatically controlled centering jaws
- Drive via indirect AC servo motor
- Send/Receive Module
- System Robot
- Rinse Module (DI water rinse wafers above and below)
- DI Water rinse via puddle nozzle
- 2-Tanks (1 for fresh, 1 for used NMP)
- Chemical Delivery Cabinet
- Power Supply
- Emergency Off (EMO)
- 2 Chillers
- Vintage: 2002

More Info:
The Suss M6000L is designed for Lift-Off applications (e.g. removal of resist and metal from wafers).  The lift-off process is carried out with heated and cold NMP medium followed by rinsing with DI water in a separated rinsing station.  Fresh medium is dispensed via a fan spray nozzle at the upper section of the chamber; recirculated NMP medium is despensed by a high-pressue (thermo-controlled) and/or fan spray nozzles (thermo-controlled). 


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