Suss MJB3 Mask Aligner (200W)

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Suss MJB3 Mask Aligner (200W) for sale
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Topside Alignment, Backside IR, 200W Lamphouse, Normalfield Microscope

SUSS MJB3 200W MASK ALIGNER consisting of:

- Model: MJB3 200W

- Manufacturer: Suss MicroTec / Karl Suss

- Configured for Top Side and Backside IR Alignment

- Maskholder

- 3" IR Vacuum Contact Chuck

- Chuck Adaption Kit

- System is capable of processing up to 3” diameter wafers maximum (with purchase of proper chuck)

- Microscope Illuminator

- IR Power Supply

- Suss CIC500 Power Supply

- 200W Lamphouse

- UV400 Exposure Optics (for 365nm and 405nm free upgrade)

- Suss Normalfield Microscope

- Objectives: 5x, 10x, and 20x

- Capable of Vacuum, Hard, and Soft Contact Modes

- Suss Illuminator for Microscope

- Exposure Resolution: 0.7/0.8 microns (under optimum conditions)

- Alignment Resolution: 0.25um (operator dependant)

- Brand New 200W bulb, Qty 1 included

- Operations Manual and Documentation

- Excellent Condition Guaranteed

- Fully Refurbished to Factory Specifications by ClassOne

- 30 Day Right of Return

Installation and Support Worldwide of Suss Mask Aligners:
- ClassOne supports all its used and refurbished Suss Mask Aligners with Spare Parts and Service worldwide.
- Installation & Training available worldwide.
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Excellent Condition Guaranteed.
Fully Refurbished to Factory Specifications by ClassOne.
6 Month Warranty and Full Specifications Guarantee.
30 Day Right of Return.


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      ID#:  3754