Suss & EVG

Suss & EVG

ClassOne Equipment is the industry’s leading source for refurbished mask aligners and wafer bonders for semiconductor lithography applications.  We carry an extensive inventory of refurbished mask aligners from top manufacturers Suss Microtec and EVG.  Our turn-key solution includes full refurbishment to original specifications, industry leading 6 or 12 month warranty, as well as full installation and training by factory trained technicians.  Spare parts support is provided on all refurbished mask aligners.  Buying a refurbished mask aligner can save you up to 65% off OEM prices while providing the same exceptional quality and performance you demand.  Our product line consists of:  

SUSS MJB3: The Suss MJB3 has earned itself a world-wide reputation for precision, reliability, and high performance.  For R&D applications requiring sub-micron exposure resolutions there is simply no better mask aligner.   The Suss MJB3 can process substrates from small pieces up to 3” diameter wafers.  

SUSS MA6: The Suss MA6 Mask Aligner is considered one of the best mask aligners for semiconductor lithography.  The Suss MA6 can process small pieces and any size substrate up to 150mm wafers.  Additionally, the Suss MA6 is one of the most reliable mask aligners in the industry, offering very low maintenance costs.  

SUSS MA150: Suss MA150 is a mask alignment and exposure system which offers unsurpassed, highly economical mass production capabilities for cassette to cassette handling of wafers up to 150mm in diameter.  The program storage capability allows ease of setup.  Wafer alignment is simple, quick, and precise due to very functional alignment stage manipulators.  

EVG 620: The EVG 620 is capable of processing any size wafers up to 6”/150mm in diameter

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ClassOne supports all refurbished Suss and EVG mask aligners and wafer bonders with spare parts and service.  

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